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How to Properly Carry a Dog

In order to protect both you and your dog from harm, carrying a dog is a terrific way to bring comfort and security.  When you carry your dog, you don’t have to worry about them running off into dangerous situations.  Additionally, ethical dog breeders will tell you to carry your puppy from time to time while their hips are developing to help protect against hip dysplasia.  The following recommendations will help you transport your dog securely and comfortably.

  1. Pick the right-sized carrier for your dog: It's crucial to take their size and weight into account when deciding how to transport them. K9 Sport Sack makes this easy by using our carrier finder found here: K9 Carrier Finder – K9 Sport Sack
  2. Utilize the proper tools: If you're transporting a larger dog, it's crucial to use a carrier made especially for canines. The weight of your dog is supported and distributed evenly by the K9 Sport Sack. To keep your dog secure, our products have padded straps and a solid frame.
  3. Support your dog's weight when carrying them: It's critical to distribute your dog's weight equally. Keep your dog's paws off the ground and hold them close to your chest using both arms. Make sure the dog's weight is distributed equally in the carrier if you are transporting a larger dog.
  4. Keep your dog near: Holding your dog close to your body helps you carry them more easily and evenly distributes their weight. Don't let your dog hang or dangle because this can strain their neck and back excessively.
  5. Make sure your dog is comfortable when being carried by keeping an eye on their degree of comfort. If they appear nervous or uneasy, adjust the straps to make them feel more at ease. Pay attention to your dog's body language, and if they appear to be in pain or discomfort, stop carrying them.

Veterinarians, dog trainers, and breeders all agree that carrying your dog in certain situations can enhance their overall well being.

Now your dog can go virtually anywhere with you. You can make sure that both you and your furry buddy have a secure and enjoyable time by getting your own K9 Sport Sack.

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